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Baby and Mom
Goodies for the mom and for baby. The baby feet soaps are scented with the scent of baby powder, they smell wonderful! These are glycerin soaps and not recomended for use on new borns, use a use our oatmeal soap instead. People use the bay feet in diaper bags to freshen them up and they are used in blanket drawers. The belly butter bars are made to help with stretchmarks as they are loaded with coco butters, shea butter, bees wax, almond and olive oils. The heat from your body melts this little gem and they are easy to smooth on that stretching tummy. Our oatmeal soap is pure and natural, no colorants or scents have been added, made just for sensitive skin.  
Blue Baby Feet Soap
Scent of wonerful baby powder.
Price: $8.50
Pink Baby Feet Saop
Scent of wonderful baby powder
Price: $8.50
Oatmeal Soap
No colorants or scents...pure soap.
Price: $7.00