Victorian Divine Indulgence - Go ahead...Indulge your sences!
.Looking for something different and fun to do? Do you want to learn how to make your own natural bath products? Join us for one of our fun filled classes. Grab a few of your friends and have fun for a few hours with the girls learning something new and beneficial.
Our classes are held at a private residence that has a small dog for those of you with allergies.

Dates to be announced! No schedule yet.
Bath Bomb Class
Learn to make your own bath bombs using herbs, colors and scents. We will make a variety of bath time fun.
Price: $35.00
Bath Salt Class
Learn the benefits of different salts. We will use herbs, colors and scents to enhance your project.
Price: $35.00
Handmade Natural Laundry Soap Class
This class has two benefits .One, you will make natural laundry soap free of the nasty ingredients in the store bought soap. Two, laundry soap is very expensive, you will save a lot of money making your own.
Price: $35.00
Salt Scrub Class
Learn how to make your very own exfoliating salt scrubs.
Price: $35.00
Natural Toothpaste Class
Learn about the nasty chemicals added to your everyday toothpaste then learn to make your own chemical free toothpaste.
Price: $35.00
Natural Deodorant Class
The chemicals in deodorant are not good things to put in your underarms as hey can cause a great deal of health problems. Learn to make your own chemical free deodorant.
Price: $35.00